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“Clean” Cooler

September 8, 2016


Back in 2009, my mom was getting rid of her old Maytag washing machine. She was going to call the scrap it. I told her I’d take it and make something cool with it. At the time I did know what I’d do with it but I knew I had to have it and give it new life. It held memories from my youth. That thing smashed my fingers and gave me a shock that I’ll never forget!

It sat for a few years and then it came to me…. A cooler!

So I put Bryan to work! I had to give him something to do. 😉  He took it apart and cut a piece of aluminum to make a drain in the bottom. And I sanded it, after all I had to do something, it was my idea.


Then we put it back together and sprayed foam underneath and up the sides to insolate it.


We then painted it a bright blue.


It quickly faded so we repainted it brown. I love it even more now!

img_1748   img_1749

We left beverages in it for two days on a hot summer day and they were still cold!


One of the BEST things I’ve ever recycled! And now it holds new and old memories. 🙂

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