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Denim Quilt

March 16, 2016

A quilt years in the making. I started saving denim jeans from my children, my husband, my mom, my sister and myself. My plan was to make my son (then 9 years old) a quilt for his twin size bed. I’ve always loved the tumbling block pattern, so that was my plan. I knew it would be a challenge because it was denim but I was ready!  I had lots of pieces cut and sections sewn together. Then the frustration set in. I began to have problems with my machine and then ran out of denim. Grrr! (I don’t even think they make that pale blue anymore.)  So I put it away until I had collected more. That was in 2001.  14 years ago! After all those years of looking at it in the closet wondering if I had enough denim yet, I pulled it out five weeks ago. I  decision to work with what I had and finish it! What can I say, I’ve been a very busy girl! Here’s the finished quilt, 73″x57″!


I spent two weeks hand quilting it. So glad I did, it makes it POP! And gives it that 3D effect.

denim quiltIMG_1484

I had a few pieces left and just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. So I made a pillow to go with it.

IMG_1485After all the sore and frequently poked fingers, I can happily say it’s finished.  Happy Sewing!


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