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Garden Art

June 7, 2014

Last summer when Bry and I visited the Botanic Gardens I saw this sculpture. The sticks (more like dead trees) were 8 to 10 feet long. I told Bry I was going to do something like that in our yard.


I had forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago when my granddaughter Alyssa found a dead limb from our cottonwood and told me she wanted to plant it. So we did!


I told her we needed to paint it. Well, yesterday that’s what we did! And since we both LOVE blue that’s what we painted them! BLUE! Today I finished painting and started sculpting!

Garden art 002

I think ours came out AWESOME! And when the flowers fill in, it’s going to be even more AWESOME! We did an awesome job Alyssa! And her mommy too! Thanks for the help Audrey! 😀  Oh and not to forget the flower Alyssa painted and placed right in the center. It completes the sculpture! It just goes to show, there is beauty in dead limbs. So get painting and have fun!

Garden art 001

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