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Christmas at My House

December 22, 2012

This year as I went through all my boxes of Christmas decorations, I took notice of some things I hadn’t put out in a long time. So I thought I’d try to put everything out. But there was one problem, I don’t have space for it all. But I would give it a try.

This year I thought I’d change my Christmas tree. I’d go red and gold. So I left all the cute little characters in the box for another time. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It sparkles! But I kinda wish it had white light, oh well it’s still pretty. Then I found garland I bought last year so I added it to my door. Put some lights and ornaments on it. I made the hearts years ago from wire hangers and left over extras from our old tree. How funny, these are two different pictures put they almost line up. hahaha!

Christmas decorations 049Christmas decorations 055

On to my winter wonderland! hehee! I started creating this little scene a few years ago. Only because I had found a sled at the Arc Thrift store. I had planned on hanging it up on the wall. But then I came across those crystally twigs and sheer fabric I had from my daughter’s wedding. I found extra lights built up a hill from boxes so my bear looks like he’s sledding. The tree is some what new. I found old christmas tree branches in my garage that we got from our friends Dave and Jeanie. Planned on making wreaths from them (soon) but thought I could make a little tree with a few of them. So I did! I took five branches and wired them together and presto a new tree! It took me about fifteen minutes to make. Then I have my snowmen. I love snowmen! The little one is a grumpy little guy. He has a motion detector in him, so he says grumpy things like “How would you like a carrot for a nose.” and “Who picked out this outfit” and “Take it easy I got plowed last night.” Bry loved him and so we got him.

Christmas decorations 046Christmas decorations 053

On to my end tables. The first thing I had to do was create different levels so all could be displayed. I have two of the trees I made on this table, one I bought and the little tree my son made when he was in fourth grade. I have the new Santa I bought at Hobby Lobby. Something I’d been looking for, for years. I guess this was the year to find him. Weeks later I was at Goodwill looking for candle holders and came across the three Elfs that I just had to get because the looked as though they went with the Santa. I love them!  I found the fat Santa that is sitting at the bottom at the flea market for two dollars. But I’m thinking I might repaint him. Then I have a crystal slay. It was given to me by a coworker from the day’s I worked at the school. For some reason I can’t keep candy in it. 🙂 On the  other table is a the moss tree I made this year, an acorn tree I found at the thrift store, which I plan on painting and glittering gold. An angle I got years ago at some department store at Westminster Mall. Then I have my nativity plate I got from an old neighbors party I went to, out of some order book. But the coolest thing on this table is the camel and rider. It was a gift to Bry when he was a little boy. His mom kept if for many years and gave it to him a couple of years ago. His dad was stationed in Italy, so the whole family moved there. His dad had to leave for two weeks to Libya and brought it back for Bry. Bry remembers that day. It amazes me that he could remember that. Bry was 6 yrs old.

Christmas decorations 066Christmas decorations 057

On to my t.v. stand. I thought I’d put on a cozy fire for this picture. 🙂 The red fabric is from my daughter’s wedding along with the fabric on the end tables above. I placed lights under the fabric to give it a glow and placed berries on it along with the Peace on Earth. I then placed wooden ornaments my father-in-law made for me. I love them! He is one talented man when it comes to his scroll saw. I painted them gold and placed them among the berries.

Christmas decorations 054

Here is my coffee table. These are the candle holders I was looking for when I found the Elfs. But these I found at The ARC thrift store. I got the idea of placing wrapping paper trees on them for my dear friend Jeanie. I kinda love them! I had planned on putting my nativity set/scenery on the table but it takes up the entire table and I couldn’t find my felt I used to place as ground cover. Darn it! I really wanted to put it out. You would have loved it. Maybe next year.

Christmas decorations 078

On to my dinning area.  I made something from Pinterst! I had extra ornaments so I hung them in my window with ribbon I got from work. I got a ton of ribbon they were throwing away. I got the  glory, joy and peace this year to hang and what makes this room special to me is the train in the window. My dad made it for me. He was so good at making things. 🙂 I was hoping to get my window hung by Christmas but it looks like it’ll have to wait. I made a center piece for my table for twigs I got from work. Yep, something being throwing away after a wedding. And a wonderful jug from my dear friend Amy Jo. Placed a few ornaments on it, some a sparkly thing I had planned on putting inside the jug but it looked better on the outside. I then placed it on an old gold tray with glass beads also from work trash. hehee.  and a couple of candles from my daughter’s wedding. I love it!

Christmas decorations 074Christmas decorations 075Christmas decorations 076

And that brings us to the end of Christmas at my House. Hope you enjoyed the tour! I’m planning to add lots more next year so come back and see cause I think you’re going to love it!

Merry Christmas from my house to yours! 🙂

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  1. Amy Jo permalink
    December 23, 2012 12:55 am

    Beautiful, Pearl! Looks so homey and Christmassy! Love your eye for pretties. Love YOU! XOXO

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