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Pinecone Christmas Tree

October 17, 2012

It’s October and that means it’s time to start making Christmas decorations! 🙂

I started collecting pinecones of different sizes through the summer. I work at an event center and gardens so I picked them up (on my time of course) when I saw them. I bought a cardboard cone tree and a few things to decorate. I started by hot glueing the pinecones to the cardboard cone. Arranging the pinecones to cover as much of the cardboard as I possibly could. When I finished covering the cardboard I applied two coats of clear gloss spray paint and let it dry over night.

Now that the paint is dry, it’s time to decorate! My granddaughter loved it so much, she wanted to decorate it too. So I let her have some fun with it. I’m so glad I did because it gave me the idea to create the garland.

I took some of the green stuff and hot glued them together to form the long garland. After placing the garland where I liked it, I then hot glued it into place.

Here’s a quick tip: Use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush away the unwanted glue webs. Works great!

And here is the tree all finished! I love it! I didn’t want to over decorate because I wanted the beauty of the pinecones to stand out.

Hope you love it as much as I do! Stay tuned because next I’ll be making a pine cone wreath and a moss Christmas tree and a fabric stained glass nativity…. 🙂

A side note: I finally hit my 50th post! WOO HOO! That’s quit an accomplishment for me. 😀



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