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August 23, 2012

I love to make old things new again. I got this umbrella for an old neighbor who moved and left it behind. I didn’t want to see it go into a landfill just because it had a hole in it. The frame-work was fine and when I searched for a replacement I was blown away at the cost of one. A new one was over $80. Surely I could make a new one! I went to the cloth store only to find fabric at $12 a yard when it was on sale. I knew I’d need 6 yards and that would cost me $72 plus tax. That wasn’t much of a savings at all. The only benefit would be that it would be the color and print I wanted. Then I remembered my daughter telling me about a bag she had made out of canvas.  She went on to tell me how expensive canvas cost at the cloth store so she went to Home Depot and got a canvas drop cloth for the paint department. What a smart girl! So off I went to Home Depot and bought a canvas drop cloth for $39 and prest~O change~O  a new umbrella!

I knew I could do it! The drop cloth was sewn in two pieces. That’s why you see the two extra seams. I could have went and bought more but it’s doing its job, SHADE BABY! 🙂

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