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Weekend Getaway

September 26, 2011

Just the two of us. Can you believe it was our first getaway since we got married 26 years ago. Destination, Glenwood Springs. We started our Friday slowly. We didn’t want to rush off. So we took our time getting ready. I set out a few things. Socks, undies, a sweater, I’d throw in a few more thing later for now I just wanted to get ready.  While I was getting ready Bry started set out thing and when he was finished he began to pack our bag. I went back into the room and saw the bag packed and thought good its packed. The thought never sinking in that I wasn’t finished putting my things together. Just before leaving I thought I’d throw in an extra shirt and off we went. Thirty miles from home I realize I didn’t pack any towels for the hot springs. Bry said don’t worry about it they’ll have some. Then it sunk in…I had only one shirt and the sweater packed. Oh no honey! I never finished packing. It should be okay but I get hot in sweaters and only wear them if it’s really cold out. Bry said don’t worry we can get you something up there. And we did. (I’ll share that story a little bit later.)

Our first stop was in the city of Avon just outside Vail. Where we had a romantic meal together at Burger King. Food is food. hehhee! Sorry I have no photo to share because there was a sign posted on the door “No photography or video taping”. What do they think this is some fancy place full of famous people. Who knows, maybe it does get famous people, just wasn’t any there when we were.  I asked Bry if he thought I’d get in trouble if I took a picture of that. Sad to say it slipped my mind, I forgot. 😦

Glenwood Springs. We’re having trouble finding our way to the hotel. We can see it, just really bad directions to it. After a few go a rounds we get there. Amazingly enough it looked just like it did on-line. As we’re checking in the lady thanks Bry or should I say Mr. Younger. Then she looks at me in the most peculiar way as if I was his mistress. Not sure if she should say Mrs. Younger, she just smiles at me. I giggle to myself.

Note: My son Steven says you must alway look under the bed to make sure there are no dead bodies. hehhhe (No dead bodies here.)

Back to that story.. We find a Target and go in. I start looking for a  t-shirt. Cause if you know me, I’m all about t-shirts. Bry goes off to get some cash for an event the next morning. He comes back and says the machine wont give him money. typical, they never work when you need them to. I grab a shirt and ask Bry what he thinks. What does it say? The words all spread out, KISSES, the first, and the last. I’m thinking it’s kinda cute and it’s only six dollars so I get it. We’re up early the next morning to go to a balloon festival. As I’m getting ready the mirror is all fogged up and I look at the shirt. That’s funny, those look like eyes….and a nose…and…. WHAT!  I open the door and walk out to the tall mirror and I can’t stop laughing! Bry looks at me as if I’m crazy. I turn to him, honey look at this shirt. This is what we saw.

Bry laughs, and said all you need now is a few tattoos. How on earth did we not see that! REALLY how! I’m really not into skull shirts so I’m going to do my best to change it. I don’t know how but I’ll try cause I really like the rest of it. Still can’t look at it without laughing. 

Like I was saying we got up early (4:30am) Saturday morning to go to Snowmass Village (38 mile away) to see a few hot air balloons and take a tethered ride. Something I’ve alway wanted to do. It’s on my bucket list, just not tethered but tethered would do. I couldn’t wait! We get there only to hear it was post pond and if the weather got bad it would be canceled. Bry and I looked up, saw the thick clouds moving in and knew it would be canceled. As we got back in the car and started on our way back it started to rain. Yep, it was canceled.

When we got back to Glenwood Springs it was raining. We had breakfast at the hotel where they had Starbucks so I had to get my caramel macchiato. I have to say it was the worst coffee I’ve ever had. It was all caramel no coffee. The guy try to fix it. I should have made him make me another one but I didn’t. We went up to our room and waited for the Cavern to open. It was something we could do inside out of the rain so I thought. When we got there we took the tram ride up to the cave and waited in the gift shop. Thinking we’d only walk a few feet to the entrance to the cave I’d just run so I left my umbrella in my pocket . It was more like 50 yard maybe more. Then our guide kept outside the entrance a  few more minutes to explain things. He could have done that in the gift shop. We head in, it’s a nice 58 degrees and we’re wet.

 (Bry couldn’t keep his eye’s open, the flash was too bright.)

During the tour we find out it’s not one cave but two. So off we go through the rain again to the other entrance. This one not as far. This cave has a scenic overview and I got a picture, what do you think?

Not to scenic today. But its a beautiful picture of a cloud. As the tour comes to an end the sky clears so I can get a scenic shot. As quickly as I took that one picture the clouds roll back in. 

We decided to check out the local mall, you know to get out of the rain. When we got out of the car it cleared and the sun shining bright. It was more like a shopping center only a handful of stores and the JCPenney was a blast from the past. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a KMart in a mall before now. We were in there for about 15 minutes and decided since it cleared up we’d go to the hot springs. We get to the mall enterance and it’s down pouring. Bry and I look at each other and just laugh. We run to the it’s hailing! We get in the car, take one look at each other and can’t stop laughing!  We just can’t get a break. So we head back to the hotel to get dried off. As soon as we walk into our room the sun is shining again. Are you kidding me!!!   

We went to lunch at a bar-b-que place called Rib City. It wasn’t Dave’s but good. Still haven’t found a place better than Dave’s.  As we sat and ate I was shocked to see a women bring in her black lab. He looked just like my Roddy.  This was no service dog just her pet. I could tell they were regulars to the restaurant. Cause that dog knew to hide himself under the booth so no one could see him.  This place catered to dogs. I don’t know about you but I think that’s just wrong. Service dog’s yes, bets no!

Well we gave up on going to the hot springs even thought it stayed clear the rest of the evening. But we did spend some time in the hot tub. I told Bry  “We’ve got to get us one of these!! Agreed!

We had a fun time, even in rain. You got to make the best of it! And when you’re with your love….It’s alway the best!!

Can’t wait for our next getaway!

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  1. October 11, 2011 11:20 am

    Ah, the advetureous life. Just don’t wait 26 years! 🙂

  2. heather permalink
    October 19, 2011 2:30 pm

    Yay!!! LOVED your story!! so sweet, and I’m glad you could laugh through the rain…. Thanks for letting us know why Bry had such a funny look on his face. I almost thought maybe he was being a smart alek or something….hahahaha!!! I sure do love you guys, and so glad you got away to be with each other. Neither backed up sewers, nor hail could keep you from enjoying a lover’s weekend!

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