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The Days of Straight Talk

September 6, 2011


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Bry and I went to dinner with my son and his girlfriend. As we sat and enjoyed pleasant conversation, I began to take notice of other diners. A mother and son, a couple, a family. Why were they not having the same pleasant conversations? Because of a little invention called a cell phone. Have people forgotten how to enjoy one another’s company? Isn’t that the reason you go out to dinner? Some may say it’s the food but it’s really the company that makes the food taste better. So how does one enjoy their food without the company, the conversation? Why did they join you for dinner in the first place if all you were going to do is talk or text? I myself find this quit rude. It really doesn’t surprise me that people have forgotten how to talk face to face. 

On another note, have you noticed you can’t find a restaurant that is quite so you can enjoy pleasant conversation?  Well, Bry and I went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner the other night. Like every other restaurant it’s a loud sports bar kind of place. But this time it was different. They had remodeled the restaurant. All the clutter was removed, they repainted, put up new lighting. All very warm and inviting. Now Bry and I never sit in the bar area because it’s alway loud. But this time we did. We could actually hear each other. Everyone seemed at peace. For a moment a guy began to raise his voice to talk to the waitress at the bar causing other people to raise their voices but it quickly became quite again.  Now this is what restaurant’s need. A comfortable atmosphere for pleasant conversation. Way to go Ruby Tuesdays! I hope other restaurants fellow in your footsteps.

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  1. September 12, 2011 1:11 pm

    Agreed. Dave and I had started going to this really not-great restaurant a few years ago simply because it was so quiet and peaceful. I would work hard all day and then have to yell across the table. Although I enjoy the noise of families and little children at Chick-Fil-A – mostly when my grandkids are playing!! 🙂

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