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August 17, 2011

I’ve never label myself as a bitter person. But over the past year (maybe longer) I’ve become just that. It’s not something I want people to see. It’s not something I want to see. I don’t like her, not one bit!  I allow people to get under my skin and fill me with disgust. Why have I become this? Because I’ve left my true love standing on the side of the road. Tossed out as if I didn’t need Him anymore. And He just stands there waiting for me to turn around and pick Him back up. I know He’s there. I feel Him.  I’m alway slowing down, looking in my mirror, wanting to turn around to pick Him back up. But why haven’t I…

I told Bry the other day, I’m through with churches. Then thought, did I just say that? Bry asked me why.  I guess because it hurts too much it be in one. I’ll just learn and know my God my way. Maybe someday I’ll trust again. But for now I’ll let Him in but the rest of the bagage has to say locked in the trunk.

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