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Fun words

April 13, 2011

Words can be so funny. It make me wonder who and how they come up with some of them. Do they just sit around thinking these things up?

Back in 1990 the movie Joe Versus the Volcano came out ( funny movie by the way) and one of the character calls herself a “flibbertigibbit“. Bry and I thought for sure that was a made up word and went home grabbed the dictionary and looked it up. At our  astonishment it was a real word.  

Flibbertigibbit~flighty person: somebody who is regarded as  silly, irresponsible, or scatterbrained, especially one who chatters or gossips.  


Have you ever gone on a trip and you just have to stop at that souvenir shop and get something to take home. Well those things are called “gewgaw”.

Gewgaw~ Trinkets: a showy but inexpensive object, especially an ornament.

Ornament? I guess the next time I look at a Christmas tree I’ll say “look at all the beautiful gewgaws!” hehhhee

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a few “scuttlebutts”  in my life.

Scuttlebutt:  gossip: rumors about somebody’s activities, often of an intimate and scandalous nature. Also, a drinking fountain on a ship. (?!?!? I like the second description better.) So the next time you’re on a ship don’t forget to get a drink for the scuttlebutt. =0) 

Although I could come up with much more….here’s one more…

My dog Roddy is often “bumfuzzled” by me.

Bumfuzzle  confuse: to confuse somebody.


Words are so funny! Do you have (and I know you do) any funny words you like to use?

note: pics from google, except for my dog. 

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  1. April 16, 2011 11:19 am

    Well I L-O-V-E this website for fun words:

    And on my blog, I “collect” interesting words on this page:

    papillionascious and convivial, or flummoxed or acidulous 🙂

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