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Expensive Taste??? ME!

March 17, 2011

As I was shopping at Walmart one day, I came across a cart of linen they had marked down. They often mark stuff very low so I stopped to take a look, after all I need some bed sheets. One cart had 100 count cotton and another had 400 count egyptian sateen cotton. I really like the higher count sheets because they last much longer and they don’t bead up and get all scratchy. So of course I went to that cart and looked for queen sheets. At the same time some older women came up and said look sheets for $5.oo, I was happy for them but I really wanted the 400 count so I started looking….all they had were full size sets. I was a little bummed out but then remembered that Steven need sheets for his bed and what a deal! They were marked down to $22.oo, original $56.00. I had to get them and did. As I walked away one of the older ladies said to the other “she has expensive taste.” It didn’t dawn on me that they were talking about me until I was a few feet away. I had to laugh…expensive taste! We’re at Walmart. At other stores they’re much higher.

I only wish I had thought to turned around and tell them just how comfy they are and what a great nights sleep you’ll get and how long they last! So worth the $22.oo! I just wish I could have bought more.

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  1. March 17, 2011 7:15 pm

    Hahahaha – that is so funny! I’m ashamed to say I would have been rooting through the $5.00 cart too. I think I need to learn the lesson that cheaper isn’t always better – quality counts:)

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