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It’s Revolutionary!

November 22, 2010

You never realize how revolutionary the washing machine is until you lose yours. I can’t began to tell you how much I love mine. Did you know the first electric-powered washing machines were introduced to the public in 1910. But most people could not afford to own one. So they continued to use washboards.Last Friday as I reached into my lovely washer to pull out the freshly washed and smelling ever so clean jeans. I discovers that they were dripping wet. Slightly puzzled I trying spinning again….nothing. AGH!!!! NOOOOO!!!  The motor had stopped working. I quickly turned to Bry (my hubby) and with a pouty face sad “it’s not working.” Well, weeks ago  before all this happened I had my eye on one of those supper large, do three loads in one, in like 25 minutes washer. The one you can open and hind in. You know the one every women wants! In one of those lovely red, blue, black colors. AWWW……. Yes that one.  Bry had told me if I wanted we could get one. But the thrifty women I am, I said no. My washer work just fine. Okay back to pouty face. Bry says bummer guess we have to go look for a washer. And as much as I’d really love that supper large one, and cause Christmas is coming we both said lets just fix it. Bry looks up parts and finds the motor we need. Only problem is we can’t get it until November 30th. Yep that’s right, a week without my washer. pout, pout! No problem I tell Bry. I’ll just hand wash the clothes.

WHAT WAS I SAYING! I was going to take a step back in time. Well, I thought mom did it, so can I. No big deal! I only had three load to do. Turns out it was a BIG deal! It took me longer to was one load then it took my washer to do it. My arms were so tired and sore. Then it got me thinking about my daughter Audrey. She was living in an apartment and wanted to save some money by washing by hand. I told her then she was crazy. She told me she kinda liked it. It was relaxing. (ya, I didn’t get that either) She enjoyed it. I couldn’t take it anymore and gave her a few roles of quarters and told her to take a break from hand washing. It was a gift to her from all women. 



 Then I started thinking about when my mom bought this new Maytag washer. This is it. I had to keep it, it will soon be my new cooler. But that’s another story to tell someday. I had to ask her why she would buy a washer that would create so much work for her when she could have bought a modern one. She said she liked it, but wouldn’t buy one again. I can remember the times I got my fingers…ringed. Very painful. And I remember getting shocked when I unplugged it. OUCH! Just thinking about it makes my hair frizz!

Sunday morning I went to my moms and washed in her lovely washing machine two loads of laundry. As I SAT and drank coffee and had a lovely conversation with her. I’d have to say that’s the only GOOD thing about my wash dying.

I’d like to say I’ll never hand wash again (and I did) but I just washed a load. Cause I just can’t spend another weekend washing laundry. That’s my time! So all I will say is…….

Bravo to the Revolutionary washer!

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  1. Audrey permalink
    November 22, 2010 5:54 pm

    Hey! Way to mke me sound like I’m crazy! I started doing it by hand when it was costing us close to $15 a week. They were robbing us blind with those machines! It was only relaxing because it gave me some time to myself, and it saved us money on cooling the apartment! Homemade swamp cooler!

  2. November 24, 2010 6:49 pm

    Isn’t it funny what we can’t live without?

    I just saw a washer/dryer like you wanted on CL for $1,000 – if only:)

  3. November 24, 2010 11:24 pm

    We have been without a dishwasher for about a month, and this is actually the first house I ever had one in, in all of these years. But wow, it is hard to do without! We go through dishes! A few more weeks to go…

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