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Mount Evans Trip

July 20, 2017

A trip to beautiful Mount Evans. But first we stopped at a rest stop cause you never know what beauty you might find just off the road and we did!

Then we stopped at a gift shop near Echo Lake.

Here at Mount Goliath you can see the Bristlecone Pines. They are beautifully wind-swept from the high winds and manage to survive the intense solar radiation, cold temperatures.  All this and still live about 2000 years.

On our way to the top we see ….

We made it. Now we climb the next 134 ft.!

Half way there, a look down.

I’m on top of the world looking down on creation! At the top 14,264 ft it’s so beautiful!!!  You have to sit and take it all in! Look at that guy at the tip of my toe, he’s so small.

Don’t forget to ask someone to take a photo of you and your hubby. They are more than happy to do so but remember to return the favor. I take at least five photos of different families cause it’s important to have these moment to remember.


These photos don’t do it justice. You need to take a trip there to see it’s true beauty!







Alice in Wonderland Theme Party

June 28, 2017

My niece graduated this year and her mom gave her a themed party. I got the pleasure of helping her create it. My sister made those signs, clocks and those fabulous hats! I’m like a little kid when it comes to creating fun stuff! And it was all created on recycled cardboard. I found images on-line, used an overhead projector and traced them out. Except for that door knob, I couldn’t find an image so I drew it out. I could have drawn them but who’s got time for that! 🙂 My 81-year-old mom (whom I get my talent from) helped paint along with my granddaughter. My daughter also helped with the backdrop. It was a family affair.

To complete the party I added a photo backdrop.



It was a fun-filled party!

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Abstract Art 48 x 36

June 28, 2017

Created this in 2014. Life gets busy and you forget to post.

Kitchen Makeover

June 23, 2017

The time had come, it has been 13 years since the last makeover. Although it still looked good, it was out dated.

No more orange raged look, which was the thing to do back then. Oh how I loved it and visitors would tell me how they loved it too.

The work began! Lots of demolishing, sanding, rebuilding a cabinet and fixing water lines. The plan was to purchase new cabinets but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. There was nothing wrong with these 47-year-old cabinets, so I painted them again. We put in new counter tops, backslash and hardware. Now I have a beautiful kitchen once again for only $1500! We finished it a week before Mother’s Day. I thanked my love for such a wonderful gift!

Now all I need to do is paint that table and finish my next art piece for that wall.

Almost forgot! Best way to sand cabinets and keep the dust to a minimum. Hook it up to your shop vac!!!


Paper Towel Roll Art

March 10, 2017

I had seen paper towel roll art before but I wanted to add my twist to it. I cut my rolls into 1/2 inch circles then glued them together.

wall art

I then added a cardboard back and then glued tissue paper to create texture.

flower art 002I spray painted it with blue then dabbed white to create depth. Then splattered with color. The finished piece is 3 feet round.

IMG_2381 (2)


HOT February

February 16, 2017

It was another 70 degrees outside! We haven’t had snow in a month and it was only a few inches. The last storm was a week before Christmas and it was COLD, single digits cold! It even dropped below zero mid day. I don’t know about you but I’ve got spring fever and by the looks of it, the plants do too!! Flowers and sprouting up, bushes and trees are budding. So I thought I might as well take advantage of the warm weather. I shall start some cleaning! The pooch (Roddy) is also enjoying the day running around like a young pup, but he’d be happy with the snow too, maybe more so.




February 7, 2017

Super bowl Sunday ads, one of the reasons people watch. What will make us laugh, cry, ponder.

When this ad came on I watched the little girl picked up her first piece of trash and wondered what was she going to make? Maybe it’s the artist in me but I knew she was going to make something wonderful.  As I watched I could see her carefully pick each piece as an artist would do. I became more curious as to what she was planning to make. You couldn’t really tell what she had in mind with the few things she had picked up, then the commercial ended with a message to go and watch the rest of the journey. I had to go see, to watch the Journey. I had to see what this little girl had planned to make.

I was overwhelmed with emotion! A long journey only to be slapped in the face with this endless wall. A mothers hope lost! And this little girl, just wanting her mom to realize there was still hope. She reaches into her bag and pulls out her creation, a BEAUTIFULLY made American flag! A symbol of HOPE!

I can’t believe this was banned from broadcast. The Best Super Bowl commercial this year! Thank you 84 Lumber, thank you for reminding us all.


The full, uncut 84 Lumber Super Bowl promotional film. See a mother and daughter’s symbolic migrant journey towards becoming legal American citizens. Contains content deemed too controversial for the original ad and banned from broadcast.